07 June 2013

As international as Jim promissed

After some hours of filling and decorating our booth we started to baste the newest quilt 'Place in the Country'. Luckily we got help from Janine and Sigrid. They stay in the same B&B in Galway and offered their help to make the quilt ready to show on the International Quilt Festival of Ireland. We also met the ladies of the Irish Quilt Association.

Jim West is right, it is really an International Quilt Festival. Our nabours in the front are from the UK and the ladies in the booth on the right came over from Houston. We all visit the Galway Festival for the first time.

04 June 2013

On our way to Galway, Ireland

Yes, the big green ugly car is full of beautiful stuff for the Quilt Festival of Ireland in Galway. We slept very well in Rouen, the city of Jane d' Arc in a tiny hotel called Anderson.

Just before we left, a new item jointed the list of materials to take with us. Ank Vennink made a 3D house from the leftovers of the Quilt Place in the Country, Quiltmania no 93&94. How beautiful is this!

The quilt Place in the Country, you see a part of it at the photo's, is ready to be sandwiched. We bring it to Ireland and hope to have the sandwiching done before the opening of the fair at June 7.

If you like to help with  basting on Thursday June 6 the quilt in Galway, please send an e-mail to jeltje@quiltshop100rozen.nl