10 October 2012

Kaffe Fassett in Amsterdam at 22 november

Kaffe Fassett will be visiting Amsterdam, the American Book Center, to present his autobiography Dreaming in Color, on Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd.

Kaffe (pronounced ‘kayf’) Fassett is a world-renowned and much-loved American textile designer and artist who started his long career in an unlikely place: on a train. On a visit to the wilds of Scotland, he was captivated by the palette of the landscape, and bought armfuls of Shetland wool in the colors he saw around him. On his way home, he asked a lady in his train carriage to teach him to knit, and not so very long later, his first knitwear designs had been commissioned by Vogue.

More info see here http://www.abc.nl/blog/?p=28586
Quiltshop 100 rozen has a pop-up store in The Treehouse at
22 november. We will bring most of our Kaffe Fassett, Philip Jacobs and Brandon Mably fabric to Amsterdam. We also present our newest kit Dear Kaffe to make a baby Jane quilt.

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