30 July 2011

Precious time in Toowoomba

Yes we had a precious time in the quiltshop 'Precious Time'. Liza Zimmerman owns the shop and she gave us room to make pictures. Also Lorna showed her finished top 'Bordered Diamonds' made from Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Do you like the quilt   at the second photo? We will bring the pattern with us.
Magda had fun buying fabrics and I got some Cabbage Patch Green from Liza's own stack. Thank you Liza, very generous for you.
Today we will visit Crows Nest.

28 July 2011

Highfields, The Village Green Complex

At Abby Lane, an old church turned into a Country Craft Shop, we found doyllies reused to make a little dress.
After a coffee and of course tasting some cheesecakes we went on to The Quilters Angel.

The Quilters Angel is situated at paddock with others nice shops.
We made pictures of the beautiful veranda of The Quilters Angels and had a chat with Marion Marshall,proprietor.

Location: The Quilters Angel
The Village Green Complex, started by Hazel Putman, she became 95 years old.
10475 New England Highway

At the end of the day Magda made us dinner with Indonesian bami. There were a lot of women in the kitchen. Who is in control this time? Marjorie, Ingrid or Magda?

09 July 2011

The bottom of the Japanese bag

Now and then our customers need more info to finish a kit. These instructions are for the closing of the Janapese bag. First quilt the bag staying 2 cm away from the seam allowance. Than proceed here.
Put the bag in front of you at the table folding the points above the other two points. (See pictures left and right.)
Than pin the seam allowances of almost all layers except the top one together. Fold back the last seem allowance. (See picture on the left.)
Stitch two seams and check the seams. It should look like the picture on the right of this text.
On the pictures below the bag is photographed from the bottom (inside out). The two horizontal seams are the ones we just stitched.
Now comes the long seam. It goes from the bottom towards the top of the bag in a diagonal direction. Pin this long seam, again without the top layer, and stitch it.
Seam the top layer by hand so you can hide it all. Job done.

Know how to make Flying Gees?

Know how to make Flying Gees? Sarah Fielke does and she made a good tutorial for Flying Gees.

See http://www.sewn.net.au/TipsTools/Tutorials/FlyingGeesePiecing.aspx

04 July 2011

Basting at QUIP day

This spring we had two Baltimore à la Kim McLean groups. The pictures below are from the quilt by Anja. She did the basting of her quilt together with Kety at QUIP day.

In August and September we start with three brand new groups. If you love this type of quilt as much as we do, you will get even more enthusiastic during the course. You will learn four techniques for applique: the old way, the easy way, a new way and the strip way.
The original quilt is 2x2 meters. If you prefer to make a little quilt, this pattern is also beautiful as a quilt of 0,7x0,7 meter or 1x1 meter. Want to be one of the participants in autumn? Click here.