27 May 2011

Using triangle paper

Have you ever used triangle paper before?
Lay one fabric with the right side up in front of you.
Lay another fabric on top of it with the right side down.
Lay triangle paper on top of them. Stitch the triangles by following the stitching lines.
After stitching, you cut the triangles.
The result is a bunch of perfect squares to make a quilt, a border or a quilting bag.
During the Brocante at 28 May we give away the triangle paper to customers for free.

One cabinet full of chances...

A cabinet full of chances for quilters. Could you pass this up?

In December 2010 Quiltshop 100 Rozen held the first clearance in three years. And now we already have the second one; 40 bolts on the upper shelf for 5 euro per meter, 40 bolts in the middle for 7 euro per meter and this time also a row 40 bolts for 10 euro per meter.
These fabrics not only are great for quilt backings, think of all the earthy colors you can use for a classic triangle quilt. We have triangle paper to try for free.

Not only in the shop but also at the webshop you are invited to shop until you drop.

19 May 2011

Japanese puzzle quilt by Joke is fabulous

Joke did it! She quilted her Japanese puzzle quilt and yesterday she came to the shop for the bias fabric. Her quilt is fabulous. This is only a picture of it; you should see it in real live.
As you can see Joke chose a lot of colors, but kept the greens out. There is one exception. Have a look in the middle at the third block from left. These white roses with a green background are catching my eyes. So are the black blocks.

Joke, congratulations with your first quilt after a long pause. Joke also picked up the quilting thread again.

17 May 2011

What to make for the naked bed?

Thanks to the newly arrived Sarah Fielke fabrics there is a dilemma. I am at a point to choose fabrics for sashings and border. The blocks are soft colored Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs fabrics.
And here comes the dilemma. Do I take more color with Kaffe's fabrics or shall I mix with the soft colored fabrics of Sarah Fielke?
Vote 1 for darker fabrics or 2 for lighter fabrics:
1. Darker fabrics

2. Lighter fabrics

Please send your vote to jeltje@quiltshop100rozen.nl.

08 May 2011

100 Rozen QUIP day quilt "Le Bonheur" is ready for posterize

After a beautiful Montmartre day at 7 May, it is time to get you all enthusiastic about QUILT in Public Day. So we need pictures, postcards, posters and fabric kits.

Walstraat 107 is turned into a nice little quilt. It has a hand quilted border and did you see the boats in the windows? We measured the amount of fabric needed to make this lovely quilt. The pattern and fabric kit will be available from 18 June.
Dirk, the son of Carlies, volunteered to draw the pattern for the first 'QUIP Walstraat' kit. Thanks Dirk, I am sure you make a lot of women happy to be able to make the 'Walstraat 107, Le Bonheur' quilt themselves.

Already 12 neighbors will share their terraces with quilters. Do you want to reserve a chair in the Walstraat at 18 June? Please let us know by subscribing on 100rozen.biedmeer.nl.
The first 50 QUIP in de Walstraat reservations receive the Walstraat 107 kit for free.

02 May 2011

Walstraat 107 "Le Bonheur*

Our neighbors John and Petra did a lot of styling to their home. Their home is their castle with lots of nautical elements.

Walstraat 107, 7411 GP, Deventer, is the first Walstraat house in a series. The houses will all be made with paperpiecing technique and hand-stitchery. The picture at the left is a sneak preview. The quilt will be the poster for QUIP day at 18 June.

At the right, hope you recognize the house of John and Petra.

The kit to make this quilt will be available from 18 June at QUIP day.

Le Bonheur translated to English: 1.Happiness 2.welfare 3.privilege 4.weal 5.well-being 6.sunshine 7.welfare.
Le Bonheur translated to Dutch: 1. Geluk, 2. welvaart 3. voorrecht 4. striem 5. welzijn 6.zonneschijn.