30 March 2011

First quilt of Elise from Berkel-Rodenrijs

Hi Elise, you did a great job finishing your first quilt. I am proud of you. The choice of colors and prints give the quilt a fresh, delicate and almost fragile look.

Yes, we would very much like to see this quilt in the shop.

And most of all we are happy with your wish to start a new quilt project.

21 March 2011

Do we have the next Monday already ..

Last week disappeared as snow in the summer. We met a lot of nice quilters at the Brabant hallen in Den Bosch. We taught the watercolor with roses at Saturday and Sunday all day. Magda spoke with a lot of our dear customers specially from the southern part of our country.

Also this fair felt like having a party.

And at the end of the fair Henk, Roel, Magda and me got all the stuff packed in the van in 60 minutes, including waiting time to get the van into the building.
It is a pity we cannot show you this loading. Maybe next time we'll record it and put it on youtube.

14 March 2011

Did you say blue Monday ...

Jacqueline's needlebooklet and pincushion

Balitmore group 1 started to create their own bee at the Thursdays between the Baltimore sessions. Marjan offered to teach how to make a needle booklet.

Jacqueline needed a pincushion too. Now she is working on a bag to put these treasures in.
Can't wait to see it.

13 March 2011

Balti.... more.. group 1 Baltimore a la Kim McLean

Marjan and Carlies
Jeltje, Magda, Hanny, Jacqueline
Last Thursday the first Baltimore group went on their knees. We had the new acting judging team as well.

Four Baltimore tops went on the floor. And 12 knees, not used to kneel, went down.
So have a look at the progress of the Baltimores a la Kim McLean.

Hanny's Hearts and Flowers

Jacqueline's Hearts and Flowers

Marjan's Hearts and Flowers
Carlies's Hearts and Flowers
Didn't they do a great job? 

Want to join the next Baltimore group? See: Cursus-Baltimore-quilt-op-woensagavond-16-maart

04 March 2011

Delayed for two weeks to Wednesday 23 march at KoffieMAX 10:10 till 11:30 hours

Eh ... yesterday I got an invitation to give a workshop "Watercolor with Roses" on television.

After three hours of extra high energy we landed back on earth. The Watercolor we started at the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle was finished yesterday and turned into a handbag with an extra technique.

Want to see this on tv?
Watch KoffieMax from 10:10 till 11:30.
If you see the blog after March 23th: http://www.koffiemax.tv/?waxtrapp=lkcyfGsHnHUVuBRR