31 January 2011

Pffff ... I made a big mess of the shop. How come?

No kidding, tomorrow at 10 everything will be in its place again. After we have cut 8 series of new fabric combinations for the kit (and workshops) Watercolor with Roses.

We scanned them. If you'd like to see the kits, click here to have a look.

23 January 2011

Workshop Watercolor in Groot Stokkert, Wapenveld

Thanks to Vera we met lots of ladies in Groot Stokkert, Wapenveld. During their holidays they booked Quiltshop 100 Rozen for the Workshop Watercolor with roses.

After laying the fabric puzzles, the pins came through. Almost all kits had the same fabric and the results differ a lot, because of the choices made during the process.

We wish all ladies nice holidays and yes, we'd like to come back to them next year with a new challenge .

22 January 2011

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Dini finished this quilt last week, right before she went on holidays. Too bad she missed Sarah Fielke at 100 rozen today.

We wish Dini a wonderful and joyful holiday and thanks again Dini for your help by making the most lovely quilts to show in the shop.
Within a few weeks this pattern will be available with a fabric kit.

Small quilts and big quilts

The making of a Dolly quilt

Sarah Fielke told us about her new book today. It will contain small quilts and big quilts. Why? Sarah tries things out in a small dolly quilt for instance techniques, colors and shapes. And after trying out Sarah is ready to go for a big one. That is how her new book is structured. And I like this idea of hers.
Do you want to see Sarah and her designs in The Netherlands? She will be in Amsterdam at Birdblocks this Tuesday 25 January.

See Sarah's Blog

Dolly quilters and Sarah Fielke (second from right) at 100 Rozen

Our masterchef Roel

12 January 2011

Sarah Fielke, come to see her and her designs

Today we are preparing the kits for Sarah Fielkes workshop on 22 Januari 2011 at Quiltshop 100 Rozen in Deventer.

We started by making an example. Of course with a rose in the middle. The kits come in different colors. So if you don't like red and green, we have also other combinations. Sarah can tell you all about the effects of colors in a quilt.

09 January 2011

Reunion Kaffe Fassett Master Classes

Lunch is served by Roel and Henk. Good work gentleman,..
After the show and Tell we got a lovely lunch served by Henk and Roel. This time lunch was in the shop.
Thanks to the ladies who showed their beautiful S-block and Diamond quilts.

Aren't they precious the Water Color with roses tops?

At 8 Januari again 5 ladies did the one day workshop Water color with Roses. They went home with beautiful tops. These are the results of Therese, Anita, Nel, Hyke and Cootje. Are you at the next workshop in Zwolle?

Watercolor with roses by Therese

Watercolor with roses by Hyke

Watercolor with roses by Anita

Watercolor with roses by Cootje

Watercolor with roses by Nel

05 January 2011

Open atelier 5 January

Japanese bag on Quilt Smart
Monique is making a Japanese bag with QuiltSmart. We placed this photos for her mother because she has the same kit to make.

Magda is finishing her S-Block quilt before sunday 9 January when we have the show and tell  in the shop. Did you know? Roel is our professional cook and he will arrange the lunch at the reunion of the Kaffe Fassett Masterclasses.

And I am struggling with the next part of Harts and Flowers. see picture below. In case it looks strange you need to know there are two left handed ladies in the room today.

S Block quilt by Magda

Baltimore Hart and Flowers by Jeltje

Time to look over the closed year 2010 ..

Not one year was having that impact in my live as 2010. Henk and Roel fixed a mega job to renovate both the new shop and our new home above the shop. The shop moved in May three doors ahead in the same street Walstraat 88. It is a world of difference. However, again within three months we have to little shelfs for all the new Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

And then in July Kaffe and Brandon came for masterclasses and Lecture. Our world went upsite down. All Kaffe addicts have found us in Deventer.

Untill December we had no 'home'. We lived this year in Ermelo, Uddel and with a girl friend and last but not least at the topfloor of our new home.
In October my dear mum Ruth passed away. Her coffin was under her linen Aussie quilt with mango's and kangeroos.

At 3 December the movers were there to deliver over 60 boxes. Boxes are all unpacked and disappeared. So we had room for Christmas with all children and grand children. It became a beautiful cook and dine party.
The Hawaiian Lei Dolly quilt is ready now and we are realy landed in our new home.

And now 2011 begins ...
After the third inventarisation in our shop history we go quilting again.
Yesterday we booked Sarah Fielke, author of two translated books, for a workshop in our shop. She is also the spirit behind the Dolly quilts. Yes Sarah, we had a lot of snow in Deventer and we love to meet you.

04 January 2011

Tijd voor een terugblik op 2010

En dan kijk ik nu even achteruit naar het afgesloten jaar. Er is nog nooit zo veel gebeurd in enig ander jaar in mijn leven. Henk en Roel klaarden een mega klus in renovatie.

De winkel verhuisde in mei naar Walstraat 88. Maar drie deuren verder en toch een wereld van verschil. Hoewel, na drie maanden kwamen we alweer kasten te kort voor alle Kaffe Fassett Group stoffen.

Toen kwamen Kaffe en Brandon langs en stond de winkel echt op zijn kop. De Kaffe fans hebben ons gevonden in Deventer.
En al die tijd woonden we nog niet echt, na Ermelo kwam Uddel en toen logeren in Deventer bij een vriendin. In september op zolder wonen. Op 15 oktober overleed mijn moeder en op 3 december stond de verhuiswagen voor de deur.

De dozen waren met de Kerst uitgepakt of afgevoerd. Op 25 december werd de kamer in kersttooi gehuld. Op tweede Kerstdag was het hier een groot kook- en smulfeest met alle kinderen en kleinkinderen om ons heen. En dat was weer helemaal thuis.
En dan begint 2011 ...
Vanochtend is de derde inventarisatie afgerond. We zijn weer klaar voor het nieuwe jaar.

Het laatste nieuws, sinds vandaag bekend, Sarah Fielke op 22 januari in Quiltshop 100 Rozen te Deventer.

Yes Sarah, we have snow in Deventer and we love to meet you.

03 January 2011

Welke applicatie techniek gebruik je voor ....

In the Baltimore quilt Hartjes en Bloemen van Kim McLean you can use diffent applique techniqus. Chose them yourself of get here a bit of help.
Yesterday i made the flowered  hart of Stencil Scarlet with the lavender blue border on a background of Kaffe Fassetts Spots Purple. I used freezer paper this time to get the right shape.

Applique looks a hell lot of work, but after making Sarah Fielkes Dolly Quilt Hawaiian Lei with linen, the applique of the first two piece is done in two hours.

Tonight I start with the next job on this project: The Spots purple border will be next to applique with a new technique.
For all followers: A relaxed 2011 with enough space to quilt and to blog.

The Dolly quilt of Januari

Dolly quilts
The blogging and making of Dolly quilts lacks attention. Now the Hawiian Lei version of Quiltshop 100 rozen is finished.

Mode maken do je zo
Op http://www.modemakendoejezo.nl/ staan heel duidelijke tips over het passend maken van patronen. Deze tip kreeg ik van Emmy. Is er al zo'n Nederlandse filmpjes site voor quilten?