28 July 2011

Highfields, The Village Green Complex

At Abby Lane, an old church turned into a Country Craft Shop, we found doyllies reused to make a little dress.
After a coffee and of course tasting some cheesecakes we went on to The Quilters Angel.

The Quilters Angel is situated at paddock with others nice shops.
We made pictures of the beautiful veranda of The Quilters Angels and had a chat with Marion Marshall,proprietor.

Location: The Quilters Angel
The Village Green Complex, started by Hazel Putman, she became 95 years old.
10475 New England Highway

At the end of the day Magda made us dinner with Indonesian bami. There were a lot of women in the kitchen. Who is in control this time? Marjorie, Ingrid or Magda?

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