20 June 2011

Pictures of QUIP Day 2011 in the Walstraat, Deventer

Ans and Ineke were seated at Roemar Koffiebranderij

Inge and Jessica hosted by Riet.

Stuff of Jeanette and Marjan at 't Atelier63

Corry at Biljartcenrum

Kim McLean Baltimore quilt of Carlies

Showing my quilt

The backside first by Anja and Kety

Sometimes a bit windy.

Stitchery at Quiltshop 100 Rozen, Dini serving coffee. She also explained all the stitches.

One hour horizontal

One hour vertical

Hot diamond quilt at Boas

Quilt with Den Haan & Wagenmakers fabrics by Carlies at Roemar Koffiebranderij

Marjan and Jeanette under the canopy at 't Atelier63

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  1. Wat gaaf!!! Bedankt voor de foto's. Ziet er erg leuk uit.