20 June 2011

Hanny sandwiched her Balti-much-more quilt too

This beauty is really huge! The size is 2 x 3 meters. We call this in Dutch a 'joekel van een quilt'. To sandwich this one you really need space. So Hanny did this with us in the shop.
If you have a big one to sandwich, please contact us for help or hire the sticks to do this at home.
On Saturday the 18th of June, Quilt in Public Day, you can see demonstrations of sandwiching with a group. To sandwich your quilt in a group you need some roles. These are the roles to sandwich in a group:
  • Steering lady/gent distributing the roles, guiding during the process
  • Yarn distributing lady/gent
  • Two or three pairs of threading ladies/gents
  • Catering lady/gent for having a break now and then.

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