09 July 2011

The bottom of the Japanese bag

Now and then our customers need more info to finish a kit. These instructions are for the closing of the Janapese bag. First quilt the bag staying 2 cm away from the seam allowance. Than proceed here.
Put the bag in front of you at the table folding the points above the other two points. (See pictures left and right.)
Than pin the seam allowances of almost all layers except the top one together. Fold back the last seem allowance. (See picture on the left.)
Stitch two seams and check the seams. It should look like the picture on the right of this text.
On the pictures below the bag is photographed from the bottom (inside out). The two horizontal seams are the ones we just stitched.
Now comes the long seam. It goes from the bottom towards the top of the bag in a diagonal direction. Pin this long seam, again without the top layer, and stitch it.
Seam the top layer by hand so you can hide it all. Job done.

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