02 May 2011

Walstraat 107 "Le Bonheur*

Our neighbors John and Petra did a lot of styling to their home. Their home is their castle with lots of nautical elements.

Walstraat 107, 7411 GP, Deventer, is the first Walstraat house in a series. The houses will all be made with paperpiecing technique and hand-stitchery. The picture at the left is a sneak preview. The quilt will be the poster for QUIP day at 18 June.

At the right, hope you recognize the house of John and Petra.

The kit to make this quilt will be available from 18 June at QUIP day.

Le Bonheur translated to English: 1.Happiness 2.welfare 3.privilege 4.weal 5.well-being 6.sunshine 7.welfare.
Le Bonheur translated to Dutch: 1. Geluk, 2. welvaart 3. voorrecht 4. striem 5. welzijn 6.zonneschijn.

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