03 January 2011

Welke applicatie techniek gebruik je voor ....

In the Baltimore quilt Hartjes en Bloemen van Kim McLean you can use diffent applique techniqus. Chose them yourself of get here a bit of help.
Yesterday i made the flowered  hart of Stencil Scarlet with the lavender blue border on a background of Kaffe Fassetts Spots Purple. I used freezer paper this time to get the right shape.

Applique looks a hell lot of work, but after making Sarah Fielkes Dolly Quilt Hawaiian Lei with linen, the applique of the first two piece is done in two hours.

Tonight I start with the next job on this project: The Spots purple border will be next to applique with a new technique.
For all followers: A relaxed 2011 with enough space to quilt and to blog.

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