05 January 2011

Time to look over the closed year 2010 ..

Not one year was having that impact in my live as 2010. Henk and Roel fixed a mega job to renovate both the new shop and our new home above the shop. The shop moved in May three doors ahead in the same street Walstraat 88. It is a world of difference. However, again within three months we have to little shelfs for all the new Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

And then in July Kaffe and Brandon came for masterclasses and Lecture. Our world went upsite down. All Kaffe addicts have found us in Deventer.

Untill December we had no 'home'. We lived this year in Ermelo, Uddel and with a girl friend and last but not least at the topfloor of our new home.
In October my dear mum Ruth passed away. Her coffin was under her linen Aussie quilt with mango's and kangeroos.

At 3 December the movers were there to deliver over 60 boxes. Boxes are all unpacked and disappeared. So we had room for Christmas with all children and grand children. It became a beautiful cook and dine party.
The Hawaiian Lei Dolly quilt is ready now and we are realy landed in our new home.

And now 2011 begins ...
After the third inventarisation in our shop history we go quilting again.
Yesterday we booked Sarah Fielke, author of two translated books, for a workshop in our shop. She is also the spirit behind the Dolly quilts. Yes Sarah, we had a lot of snow in Deventer and we love to meet you.

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