18 October 2010

Ruth's Aussie quilt on my sofa

Hello to all family and friends. It is because  of our family in Australia that I like to write in English since last blog.
Last friday my mum passed away. She was surrounded with her three kids and my husband Henk. It was a peacefull moment and o so quiet.

Today her Aussie quilt needs to be repaired. It was on her bed since 2005. The quilt is made of linnen with attick windows and applications of Ghanian fabric.
The applications are grouped Australian symbols:
Kangaroo, Mango and a tree to give them shelter.

In 2005 mum and I went to Australia on family tour for mum to say farewell. For me it was the first time to meet the other half of my family in Australia. Nieces and aunts who learned me about digital embrodery and about quilting fabrics you can sell in a quiltshop. Never heared of it before. So you can say this trip was the beginning of Quiltshop 100 rozen. Came back quilting in the plane.

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