17 September 2010

The festival is over, giving the feet some rest ...

Thank you dear 100 rozen friends, you contributed to a great festival for all. Thank you ladies and gents for the ideas, packing, delivering, feeding, supporting, cutting and most of all laughing, talking and being happy to be a friend of 100 rozen.

Our special guest Antonia van Welderen from Brisbane, Australia told about the Sarah Fielke project at the front of the Quiltshop. To her surprise she had a lot of husbands during the day sitting at her table.
We welcome Sylvia with her helping hands and her bright ideas of color use.

Dini and her friends organized the Quilt route with quilts in the shops. Beautiful quilts shown in the center of the city. They brought 20 percent of the quilters to the Walstraat at saturday in total around 250 ladies and gents.

Also a thank you for Ineke and Jeanet for their support in folding more than 600 FQ's of all the new Christmas, Kaffes and rose fabrics.

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